yura’s fascination with japan 


Theo James + favourite candid pictures.


EXO-K overdose; color palette (cred)


my soul mate is most likely a grilled cheese


looking at the first page of a math test



horoscope app: today u gonna #stunt on these hoes
me: damn….das tru


listening to a cool new song like



went str8 to heaven


im crying one direction got some nerve committing a sin as bad as making zayn morph into louis when its good friday jesus didnt die for that

[»] Until Further Notice

Hello, everyone.

It has come to our attention that SM requested and asked all fansite masters to recognize the current situation in South Korea and refrain from taking/posting photos of the EXO members. Out of respect for not only SM’s wishes, but also the entirety of South Korea, fy-exo will also refrain from posting previews of the boys.

We have no information regarding official comeback dates, but until SM releases an official announcement, no previews of any kind will be posted. In an attempt to remain respectful of all those affected by the Sewol ferry incident, as well as keep international EXO fans up-to-date, only HQ photos (of both past and recent events) will be posted to the blog. We fully recognize and acknowledge the gravity of South Korea’s situation, and hope the EXO fandom understands our motivations for carrying this through.

That issue aside, we ask and encourage you to continue to pray for the victims of the tragedy that took place in South Korea.

Thank you.